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Welcome to the SIMION Ion Optics Users Group

Guest www_sisweb_com

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Guest www_sisweb_com

Welcome to the SIMION Ion Optics Users Group, a forum for general

discussion on the SIMION software among existing or prospective

SIMION users. We hope that this forum will enable users to share

their experiences and make the most effective use of SIMION for

simulating their ion optics scenarios.


If you have any suggestions for this forum, please make it known.

Our main objective at the moment is to get the word out and grow the

membership in order to obtain a certain critical mass.


Although Yahoo! Groups comes with a potentially more-than healthy

dose of banner advertisements, we've chosen to place this forum

here, at least for the time being, because of the many features it

supports out-of-the-box, the ease to set up, and the likelihood of

users already having Yahoo! accounts. So, it seems to to do job.

One can browse this forum from the web-based interface or access it

via e-mail for instant notification of new discussions.



-- David Manura, Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.

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