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simion 8.1 upgrade and status

David Manura

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SIMION 8.1 (rev started shipping Aug 23. A summary of changes from 8.0 is at [1]. For customers who purchased SIMION 8.0 after the Jan 1, 2011 price update, a free upgrade package will ship to you starting tomorrow.


Please remember to use the "Check for Updates" button in SIMION from time-to-time. SIMION is presently under heavy development, and the SIMION release is only the beginning of the 8.1.x version release cycle. For example, a new full production release is planned in a couple days (as seen, production releases are becoming more frequent), and a preview of its upcoming changes are listed in [2]. A number of 8.0 updates are also being released concurrently as bugs discovered in the 8.1 development/testing are being cleared out.


[1] http://simion.com/info/simion81.html

[2] http://simion.com/changes

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