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For anyone attending ASMS 2014, I'll be available at the Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. booth #1 (except Thu) to answer user questions on SIMION.


There's a long list of SIMION related ASMS posters at http://simion.com/docs/asms2014posters.pdf .


Recent advancements to SIMION are summarized at http://simion.com/advances .


Some important advances have been made to SIMION this year including


- Initial Fly'm parallelization - multicore and multi-machine. The former isn't stable yet for the meeting, but the latter will be on display.

- OpenGL on the View screen.

- Native Linux binaries (non-GUI), which are good for HPC clusters. Also Intel Xeon Phi binary of SIMION (soon to be tested).

- Further work on magnetic support and extensive integration with magnetic packages like QuickField and Poisson Superfish.

- New GUI dialog library for creating GUI's in SIMION.

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