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announce sl toolkit 1.2.0

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The SIMION SL Toolkit v. 1.2.0 (http://www.simion.com/sl/) is now

available for download at simion.com. This is a significant update

with a number of new components and that is more mature overall. To



- SL Libraries much expanded and more robust.

- SL Tools included (release v. 1.0.0)

- SL Editor included

- Revamped documentation and packaging.


A more complete list of changes between this version and the previous

(1.0.2) is provided in the "Change Log" page.


Feedback is greatly appreciated, and changes have been made upon



From this point on, I plan to make much more incremental changes to

the toolkit (e.g. v. 1.2.1, 1.2.2, ...) and possibly release these

more often. Release number will follow the scheme 1.x.y, where even

numbered x are stable releases, and odd numbered x are less stable

development releases (if released at all). I also want to make it

more possible to download components individually (currently only the

SL Tools can be downloaded separately).


Best regards,

David Manura

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.

908-788-5550 x831, dm.oohay[-at-]sisweb.com, www.sisweb.com

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