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simion forum moved to simion.com

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Hello SIMION users,


The SIMION Ion Optics Users Group and SL Toolkit Users Group have now

been officially moved from Yahoo! to simion.com. The new forums can

be accessed here:




The site is currently structured into three main forums:


SIMION Announcements

-- SIMION Announcements (low volume, read only).

For infrequent announcements by simion.com.



-- Questions and discussions on using SIMION (moderate volume)

For most discussions.


SIMION Development

-- Development of SIMION. Bugs, feature requests,

suggestions, beta testing, ... (higher volume)

For those users more particularly interested in

the future software development of SIMION.


All previous Yahoo! messages (including SL messages) have been

imported largely into the "SIMION Users" forum (a task that took some

effort, but I think it was largely successful). The old Yahoo! forums

will be effectively disabled today.


I hope you like the new format. I have a few notes about it:


- Currently, you must register to view/post messages (like the old

Yahoo! forums, but much simpler and far fewer questions). I had

considered not requiring regitration, but this reduces the chance of

abuse by bots and such.


- You can elect to receive "e-mail notifications" whenever a message

is posted on the forums. You can alternatively elect to receive

"e-mail digests" of all messages posted on the forums in the last day

or week (which some users may prefer as it may send far fewer

e-mails). You can choose to receive notifications only in the forums

you are interested in. Of course, you can alternately elect to

receive no such e-mail.


- Currently you must post messages from the web page (reply via e-mail

does not work).


- You can attach images or certain files (e.g. screenshots or SIMION

files) into your messages. These can only be viewed via the web page

(not via e-mail).


- There is a search function.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on the new

forum structure. I intend to post some comments in the coming days,

e.g. on feedback from ASMS, development, etc.

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