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virtual device v. 16 released - accessory package for simion

David Manura

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SIMION user Dr. Sergei Koltsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute for Analytical Instrumentation) announces a new version 16 of his "Virtual Device" accessory software for SIMION.



Dear User of SIMION software,


I would like to present a fresh version of Virtual Device. It is version 16. I am glad that my software is already used by above 100 people from different countries. Thanks for your suggestions and remarks. Version 16 is the last version which is for free.


I also continue to work on the next version. What will be in next versions. First of all, I will add the possibility to create 3D geometries of spheres/half spheres and grid as a single object. I also add the possibility to create the 3D geometry of any axial symmetry system. If you a have text file with two columns, which describes the shape of electrodes, you can recreate these electrodes as a 3D geometry in my software and of course transform these electrodes into SIMION. This feature is very important for scientists who deal with the simulation of energy analyzers. One of the main problems in the simulation of energy analyzers is the problem of electrode shape. If you like to prove the resolution you need to change the shape of the analyzer. By using my software you can do this very easy and quickly.


The other direction of my software is connected to the simulation of ion movement in special gas flow. The main problem is in arranging the description of gas flow in SIMION. Many articles devoted to this problem are addressed to a resting gas. But if you like to simulate supersonic gas in some 3D geometry, what are you going to do? I see only one way. You will try to simulate gas flow in some CFD software and then transform the results of the simulation to a SIMION PRG file. But, does commercial software actually give correct results? I just checked CosmosFlowWorks and 3D Flow. Both of them give completely wrong results for a supersonic jet. I would like to remind that one of main directions in mass-spectrometry is the investigation of the ESI source and coupling this source to mass-spectrometer. The simulation of ion movement in different pressure regions is one of problems of such coupling. Therefore, I developed my own software, which simulates gas flow in 3D geometry in Virtual Device. The results of the simulation are arrays of pressure, density, temperature, and velocity distribution of gas in a 3D geometry. This geometry can be easily transformed to a SIMION geometry, and the user can use those arrays in a PRG file. I like to stress that my CFD software is tested with experimental results, which is of course very important. Therefore simulation of gas-dynamics task in SIMION becomes very simple.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Sergei Koltsov

Laboratory of mass-spectroscopy

Institute for Analytical Instrumentation, Russian Academy of Sciences




Further information and screenshots of the Virtual Device software are available at ( http://www.simion.com/docs/virtual_device.html ). To request a copy of the software, contact Sergei via e-mail.

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